Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Sometimes, you know how it is, you wake up more than a little fuzzy headed in the mornings. Lack of, or imperfect sleep leaves you wandering around half the morning believing you've left someone at home. I got to work on autopilot, the car drove itself here I'm sure.

Last night I was leading mitra study with Paco. It was all good stuff, going into the Kalama Sutta. How do you judge or assess your own and other peoples views, opinions and beliefs. You look to what are the likely consequences of a thought or act and decide whether its beneficial or detrimental. Or observe the judgement/censure of those you consider wise. Meaty stuff and perhaps my dreams were a little rich last night. I remember one dream that was set in my old office at Windhorse. Usually its a quiet place quite calm and peaceful. In my dream it was crammed to the gills with people. Everyone was rushing around shouting like they were working for the stock exchange. I recollect thinking'I wouldn't want to work here, I'd heard Windhorse had changed'.

So, maybe all that was just too much input, too late at night. Which maybe why I'm a little fuzzy headed this morning. I'll have just become clearheaded by the time I leave work at 12pm. Then I have the whole afternoon to myself. I think I'll try and complete the first draft of a talk on a Dogen discourse I am in the process of writing. If so I might post it here soon.

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