Sunday, May 13, 2007


For the last week and a half my back pain has been really acute. I had an acupuncture appointment on the Monday after we returned from Torquay. He did an acupuncture procedure to rebalance my back. On Wednesday, I’d arrived at work and was just reaching over for something in the car, when something shifted. The moment I stood up I knew something wasn’t right. As I walked, sharp twinges accompanied my every step. I made it through the day. The following day I thought I could probable work just so long as I sat down at frequent intervals. The entire muscles around my back and hips still felt tender, or raw in someway, though the twinges were reduced in frequency. It didn’t seem as bad, but by the time I was home in the evening it was much worse. I didn’t go to work the next day, the discomfort was now surrounded by a mind numbing fog resulting from considerable lack of sleep. As it was a Bank Holiday weekend I took what opportunity I could to rest. At the same time I didn’t want to stiffen up, so I did go out a bit. I ventured into town on the bus with David, and drove to Wimpole Hall with Saddharaja on the Sunday.

This last week I’ve been back at work, but being in the Cremation Room I was able to sit down. A few days were a bit stressful on the back, but I have seemed to manage OK. Next week I’m on Chapel Attendant duty, I’m hoping it will have improved further by then. Anyway, I’m seeing the Acupuncturist on Monday, so I’ll give him the low down on what pain his pesky little pins have released.

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