Thursday, February 28, 2008

DREAM SIX - Something has changed and no one thought to tell me

I was visiting Halifax where I was born. With me are three friends, one of whom is Andy who works in my team. Of the other two ,one is someone I don't recognise, the other is an Indian woman. As I wander around the town, nothing seems familiar at all. I'm looking for the Parish Church where I was once a chorister, but I can't find it. In the search, Andy, and the mysterious friend get parted from the Indian woman and myself. We continue looking, I'm getting increasingly agitated and worried. At times we reach the edge of the town and look out over rivers and marshland to distant blue/purple mountains. This is not the Pennine landscape that I know and love at all. Niether are the town's buildings, which have grown very modern, retail malls and stores,all rather gargantuan in scale. Older buildings are crammed and overshadowed by these new commercial intruders. The old buildings are not recognisable either. I find the Railway Station, knowing that it is close to the Parish Church, but even that is not the same building.

The Indian woman enquires at one house, a very flashy place obviously owned by someone with lots of money. We enter in and look out from the balcony over the town. Even from this height it is nothing like the Halifax I know, I still cannot get a glimpse of the church at all. Whilst we are gazing out, a gang bursts in and starts wildly shooting around the house. The Indian lady and I hide. At this point I awoke. The dream left me with a strong feeling of distress and frustration, which persisted most of the following morning. Somehow the situation of being somewhere that should be very famliar, yet it isn't, and feeling a stranger, and uncomfortable in my own home town, seems to represent the tone of my inner emotional world at this present moment.

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