Saturday, August 02, 2008

FEATURE No 4 - Yello - Goldrush

Yello seemed never to be entirely in tune with their time, sidestepping, rather than setting trends. Any one who could obtain the supremely gifted Billy Mackensie to simply do backing vocals for them, must have had real artistic credibility, As a band, Yello had more to offer than their one hit wonder status might lead you to think. 'The Race' was actually a creative refinement, the culmination of ideas which had previously been colourfully explored across a whole spectrum of styles. These days they're more borrowed from than played. Somehow they managed to be cinematic, camp, classy and clever, all within the space of this one song. There are visual references in the video to Fassbinder's film of Genet's 'Querelle' which came out about four years before this.

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