Thursday, October 02, 2008

FEATURE No 11 - Rick & Steve - Happy & Gay like you wouldn't believe

At first, David and I just couldn't believe anyone would want to be so tacky, but give it time guys 'n 'gals. Using Lego dolls and a style borrowed from children's animation as start, it drags these through the gutter into an altogether 'adult' direction. Stereotypes are simultaneously indulged in and then punctured. Sometimes dangerously mixing positive representation and scenarios guaranteed to offend every ones sensibilities - gay or straight - it takes some pretty big risks in its efforts to parody and amuse.

These are some of the best clips available just to give you a little taster. The best line comes in the second part of this episode - you can't miss it - its a sort of rallying cry for all lesbian kind! 'Rick and Steve - the happiest gay couple in all the world' is being broadcast on Channel 4 on Wednesday nights 10.30pm, if you are allowed to stay up and boogie that late. This is going to go down very big in the glamour boot camp and make Lego trendy.

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