Saturday, January 16, 2010

FEATURE 43 - Hurts

My second favorite tune of 2010 Hurts -Wonderful Life. Very much in the Pet Shop Boys mode of electronic twosomes, bland faced static men shot in stylish black and white, one singing, whilst the other twiddles and looks disinterested, sing profundities to encourage a woman not to kill herself over love ( we presume ). Though I sniff something that's a tad gay about them, the visuals are so perfected and knowing. They toured as support to Gary Numan recently, and the lead singer has captured Gary's knowing tongue emerging from the side of his mouth routine,with a flick of the head away from the mike, down to a T. For me it's the brokenness of the rhythm that makes this song special, plus the mental dancer adjusting her skirt hem is a hoot.

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