Wednesday, June 30, 2010

FEATURE 57 - Sol LeWitt's Wall Paintings

I first became aware of the work of Sol LeWitt whilst I was at art college. His work then was minimal, geometrical and graphic, purely line constructions drawn in pencil or charcoal across huge wall spaces. I was recently Googling for some help with a wall painting idea I had, and a couple of the hits were videos of a large exhibition of his wall paintings in the US. I found them quite astounding,striking and imposing,staggeringly beautifully composed and the use of form and colour - just awesome. Anyway above are a few shots to whet your appetite.

And once you've taken them in then watch this nine minute video about how they are made. I find watching this is so inspiring I can hardly keep myself from fizzing, I just want to go out there right now and paint one of the huge wall in the Windhorse warehouse like this. Amazing stuff.

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