Monday, November 15, 2010

POEM - Can I Help?


I sit and listen
often for eons
as some doctor
would attend a patient
ready to speak
that apposite thing
to pin it correctly
wherever it truly
I wait
and wait, perhaps
it's this
not, or not now,
perhaps, maybe
there is no clue
perhaps, no answer
that on hearing
will crystallise
or freeze mud
nothing is ever said
like an
un-flawed diamond
which is
oddly disconcerting
as if all life
or at least mine
were to depend on it
for ease of purpose
I lift a crook hand
point its arthritic finger
at the moon
and sigh
like a sack butt
at the impossibility
of really knowing

Dh Vidyavajra
written 24/10/2010

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