Tuesday, August 02, 2011

DIARY 143 - The stuff of dreams

If you've had a tough week,and nothing you usually do seems to quite hit the mark, you're feeling generally apathetic and listless. Well, sometimes you just need to get away from your usual environs. Jnanasalin and I both felt a bit ragged and run down, so we went out for a day in Sheringham, which from Cambridge is about a two and a half hour journey. But, its always been worth it. Even in the height of Summer, when the streets and beaches are swarming with holiday makers. Lounging around on a beach reading a newspaper, rather than visiting our usual Cambridge Coffee House Of Choice, is a more than refreshing change. I was quite surprised at how quickly I perked up, just with the thought of going there. Whilst there, we nurtured colourful ideas of opening Sheringham's first bijou Art Deco Tea Room, with a superlative range of teas, coffees and cakes. Ah! the stuff of dreams.

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