Saturday, August 27, 2011

FEATURE 89 - What The Water Gave Me

The new single from Florence & the Machine, which opens with a chord change lifted straight from The Cure circa 'A Forest', then builds slowly into a stomping song repeatedly urging us all to put stones in our pockets and drown. Gosh, she's a cheery woman. Wasn't sure about it at first, but its grown on me to the point I'm humming it at work. Bodes well for the new album.

The video is an unadventurous blend of studio recording shots and outside miming, with Florence in her Mystic Meg lacy flounce. I have to say, she looks a little haggard here and on edge, if not out of it. She did seem to overwork and be in danger of overexposure last year, because she was literally everywhere after 'Lungs' struck gold. I hope she's not holding all of it together with the aid of chemicals.

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