Wednesday, September 07, 2011

ARTICLE ~ I Let Go - No 1


Over the next few weeks, if not months I'll be posting short articles based on, or arising from, issues that the following verses raise. These verses so far as I know have their origins in Tibetan Buddhism, but I've no idea how old they are. In a way that's an entirely irrelevant consideration. The most important thing is how one responds to them, and whether they prove beneficial to furthering ones spiritual practice. So, here we goes


I let go,I turn aside,
I put downall agreeable or painful memories relating to what I have doneor would have wanted to do in the past relating to all the episodes of my past activity.

I let go,I turn aside,
I put downwhat I have been or would have wished to be in the past
I let goI turn asideI put down the impressions that I have felt,
I discharge and strip myself of them.

I let go,I turn aside
I put down all that preoccupies me now,
all that relates to my present activity 
and to that which would be able to touch me in the activity of other people;
my ambitions;my fears;everything that my interest carries me towards.

I let go,I turn aside, 
I put down all cares concerning the future,the projects of spiritual or material order;
desire for success;fear of failure;
whatever they may be;all certainties;all doubts;
as to what I will be or to what will happen to me tomorrow or in the distant future.

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