Sunday, October 07, 2012

DIARY 158 ~ Holiday in Bruge

We had five days holiday in Bruge, but it felt like we were there for a whole lot longer. After the intense activity running up to 'the do' we both really felt fully present and relaxed.  It was quite the most enjoyable and satisfying holiday we've been on together. Good food, coffee, beer, chocolate, waffles, lace, tapestry, art, architecture and weather, what more could one ask for? We just fell in love with the place and its continental culture.

 In and around the streets and canals of Bruge

The Markt & Belfry

The Burg

Basilica of The Holy Blood

Contains a bit of cloth with Christ's blood on it
Casket the relic is processed in

The Stadhuis

The Jerusalem Chapel

Another relic ~ a splinter of 'the cross'

Spooky puppet Virgin & Child

Baroque pulpit in Church of Our Lady

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