Saturday, November 10, 2012

POEM ~ Bathing In The Lethe


The morning after mourning
late winter
was shaded with autumn
something more than seasons was awry
as though a door
had been knocked off its hinges
yet this seemed
just so
not grim, not odd
as if I were being placed
with aesthetic deliberation upon a windowsill
to catch the last rays of dusk
all sorts of reasonings
could now be put aside
sealed in parcel tape
and delivered up to the attic
neither feeling bereft
loved nor unloved
but in unhappy release
that put an end and made a new start
all childish rebellions could finally be quelled
all tedium in the teeth of declension
could yawn its last and turn over
all self-righteous torch bearing
could now find
its appropriate level
for ridicule and redundancy
having learnt whilst waiting
in the long shadows of
what it is
to bury a hatchet
in the slow sombre snaking
of a much deeper river.

Vidyavajra 2012

1 comment:

Darren Colgan said...

Wonderful. Just stumbled across this as I wanted to name the title of my new book "Bathing in the Lethe". Nice to see there's still some real poetry being written.