Saturday, December 01, 2012

ARTICLE - I Let Go - No 14


'Life is an instantaneous situation, and death is also an instantaneous situation. It is the same, for example, with winter and spring. We do not think that winter becomes spring, and we do not say that spring becomes summer.'

There is no single instance in time, or distinct place identifiable as a watershed in any process of change. Where does winter became spring, life became death, a teenager become an adult, an enthusiasm become indifference, attachment become letting go? What we are unable to emotionally perceive that our experience is just an 'instantaneous situation.' What we feel is that this present instantaneous experience melts imperceptibly into the next. We knit them together, as the person that is perceiving them, into a continuity that has a self, with its own separate time-line and history. Through memory we are able to recollect that there was a process that we went through. So then we can retrospectively say we've 'let go' of something, and when approximately this occurred.

However, our real existential predicament of constant irrevocable change is propelling us into letting go, turning aside or putting down every moment of our lives, often with no time to breathe between.  Life 'creeps in this petty pace from day to day' and we weep over the constant fighting or the surrendering our lives to it.  Every moment lost and let go of, makes way for the arrival, the gain, of the next. We cannot adjust, or stop this process. We might weep unconsciously, but there is a need always to move on to whatever the next moment brings.

I Let Go ~ and move on.

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