Tuesday, December 25, 2012

DIARY 111 ~ Christmas at Abbey House

For a Buddhist, it may seem odd to make a big thing of Christmas, and many do try there best to have nothing to do with it. Particularly the out of control consumerism.  But in Abbey House there's quite a long held tradition that we decorate the community and put on a slap up meal for whoever is around over the Christmas period. You can fight the prevailing mood, but you'll not win. So why not just embrace it positively to some extent, on your own terms. After all, the Christians basically took over already existing pagan celebrations that marked the period between the Winter Solstice, the deathlike low point of the Sun before the arrival of a New Year and rebirth of Spring, to suit their own back story. We just need to take some of it back, and use what is positive about this time:~ namely the opportunity for generosity and sharing, and make the most of that. In the grey dull cloudy skies of December what better thing is there to do than make what is bright, uplifting, light-filled, beautiful and joyous more present? Here's a few pictures of the Abbey House this year.

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