Sunday, May 12, 2013

PROJECT ~ Windhorse Shrine Room Backdrop

After several months of banging, punching and assembling, the Backdrop I was making for the Windhorse Shrine Room was finished. Then it hung in the Abbey House Shrine room for a month, awaiting the begining of the Practice Period leading up to this years Enlightenment Celebration at Windhorse. This last Thursday came the day to move it, a procedure I was unduely anxious about.Bar a few minor bits pinging off which were easily repaired, the move and the installation went fine.

It really does look magnificent now its in its true home. The metal also complements and enhances the standing rupa. Unlike my previous work it came out pretty much as I originally envisaged it, with very little adjustments required to the vision. There were technical issues to overcome, but then there always are, and I was also learning what I wanted to do with working in tin. Something tells me this won be the last piece I'll be doing in recycled tin.

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Visuddhimati said...

Love the concept and the way you carried the idea through