Sunday, September 29, 2013

DIARY 115 ~ Making an Exhibition

Well, in January of this year I set myself the aim of getting an exhibition of my artwork together. All part of an intention to seriously get behind my creativity as being an essential part of my day to day practice. Since then I've been reconsidering and revamping my early work, plus starting to develop new themes for future work. This has been going on at the same time as I was creating the shrine backdrop in metal for Windhorse. At times I've not known where to place my creative focus.

Yesterday the Private View of my first solo exhibition, held at the Cambridge Buddhist Centre took place. Jnansalin and I have been busy in the week before, doing final finishing off, then hanging of the pictures, making exhibition titles and preparing drink and nibbles for the event. Having never organised such an event before, we weren't sure how much to do, nor how many folk were likely to turn up. In the end over thirty folk came, about double what we were envisaging, which was really so heartening and encouraging. We under-catered on the drink, over-catered on the food.

Here are a few photos of the exhibition

Even as I was putting the work up on Friday, people coming to classes were spontaneously coming up and expressing their appreciation, if not enthusiasm for my work. My paintings have been pretty much kept a private passion until now, exhibited only in my community. But as soon as you put things in an exhibition space, perceptions and awareness does appear to change. People put their Art Heads on, it seems. I wasn't entirely sure whether folk really would get what I'm trying to do. Well, apparently they do, which in itself is a giant thumbs up to my present and future confidence. 

Here are a few photos of the Private View.

Talking about my paintings & creative process.

Pete Cox is the one with hair

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