Sunday, September 29, 2013

DIARY 117 ~ Redecorating Abbey House

Over the Summer, at work, I've been doing a long 31/2 month Project to redecorate some of the main historical rooms in Abbey House. It's been actually quite nice to be working from home. Originally the idea was I'd be working with a small team, but this never really happened. So I ended up finishing off a bathroom, repainting a Kitchen, a bedroom, the main lounge, a second lounge and a guest room, largely single-handed. I actually got into it and found my own pace and rhythm quite meditative. Two of the rooms are paneled, and these took the most time because the painting is very fiddly and painstaking. I chose a new colour scheme for both, which brings a more traditional classical look to the rooms which really suits them. The stairwell and the bedroom also were re-carpeted, which was long overdue as the previous carpet was thread bare it was such poor quality. The end result is very satisfying to see, and now live in.

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Vir Occultus said...

Abbey House looks so beautiful after your efforts Vidyavajra. A needed job done so well. And that awful carpet has gone!