Sunday, March 16, 2014

2014 PROJECTS ~ Experimentation

Much of the artwork I've been doing lately have been experiments with colour and depth. It's been interesting watching the fluctuations in my responses as these have progressed. An experminental appraoch has to be interested in what's happening here and now in the present moment. I've found much of my practice has been taken up with bringng myself back to that moment, after my mind has ridden off on an attractive aesthetic associative ramble.  There are sometimes conflicted feelings aroundt where an experiment is going, which is an indication that my ego has in some way taken over the driving seat. The conflict being between what's actually occuring on paper and what my ego wants this, as yet, unfinished piece to become. Usually a variant on it being the most astonishing piece of artwork ~ ever.  I then have to unshackle my mojo from this, put my ego aside like a demanding child, and return to the task right infront of me. and do just that.

I've been following up threads of inspiration and interest regardleess of whether these experiments are a success or a failure. or produce finished saleable work or not. Yet there is part of me that still wants the mixed sense of accomplishment and relief, the 'hit' that a successfully completed piece can bring . Anyway, here are a few photos of some recent experiments.

Shattering Reversal 2

Shattering Reversal 3

Fractured Rays 1

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Ashvajit Dharmachari said...

Yeeeeeees! Pleasing to the eye, I don't know why. But I don't mind.