Saturday, April 26, 2014

PROJECTS 2014 ~ Random Colour Selection Experiments

I've been experimenting with selecting colours randomly. Usually its six colours which I then have to work with, and see what I can make of them. It is certainly stretching me. Any artist will have their favourite colour combinations, or predictable choices for contrasting or complimenting. I've discovered there are often hidden colour taboos, like not to use black, or earth colours with other brighter colours. One selection produced colours which were tonally very similar, so this encouraged me to use white and black to create more dynamism in their relationships. In future I think I may try reducing the number of colours and see what happens.

Quite apart from this freeing up of colours, I also cast dice to decide what colours go where. Generally I do these sort of experiments because it introduces an element of spontanaity into my working process, and loosens the degree of control I have over the final appearence of a piece, and as you may have noticed my work is technically quite controlled enough. 

Fractured Rays 2

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