Saturday, May 03, 2014

FEATURE 123 ~ Lucius

Emerging from somewhere in Brooklyn come Lucius. Built around the sublime twinning of their two lead vocalists, they are simultaneously retro and effortlessly contemporary. Here they sing Go Home in a video from 2013, and Turn it Around on Later with Jools Holland this year. Their lead guitarist twiddles some Robert Fripp like fuzzed tones in the background, whilst the two women up front do their glorious thing. Judging by even eartlier stuff the identical dyed blonde hair and dresses is the result of recent record company grooming, but musically they seem to me to not need such blatent window dressing. Having sampled their album Wildewomen, its doesn't quite capture the sparseness or thrilling spark that these live recordings do. Something important really did get lost in the mix.

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