Wednesday, September 24, 2014

FEATURE 126 ~ Van Gogh ~ Undergrowth

The famous paintings by Van Gogh, the chairs, sunflowers, starry skies and turbulent corn fields, for me pale in comparison to his paintings of simple patches of ground. The National Gallery in London has an absolutely fabulous painting of Long grass with butterflies, which I was thrilled and transfixed by when I first saw it.

Last week whilst in Amsterdam with Jnanasalin, I was wandering around the vast collection in the Van Gogh Museum when I stumbled across this painting called 'Undergrowth'. From the first moment I stood infront of it I was bathed in wave after wave after wave of blissful feelings that made me almost want to cry they were so beautiful. Quite what it is about these seemingly quite ordinary paintings that moves me so much I can't as yet really grasp. Maybe that is sort of beside the point, they do move me immensely, and it feels like its a beauitiful gift that arrives unannounced.

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