Saturday, September 06, 2014

PROJECTS 2014 ~ Breaking The Pattern

I've been viaually exploring two things lately, one having evolved out of the other. My previous work has often taken a centralised form which visually recedes away from the viewer. What I've begun doing lately is to create a level 'pattern field' which suggests layers and depth within it, though still taking a sign/symbol as its creative source and starting point.  From doing these 'pattern fields' has evolved an interest in visually messing up the regularity of a pattern. Introducing random breaks into it by changes in colour density and tone, playing off line work against flat colour, and generally misleading visual expectations.

I've begun each piece by handwriting in a criss crossing grid, the whole of the Fire Sutta., underlying whatever happens in the subsequent layers over it. Sometimes its still visible, sometimes barely noticible it receeds into the general patterning. It seems appropriate that the Dharma should be underneath everything, even if its not seen. My working process has subtly altered over time, so that I now let each piece evolve at its own pace. Allowing whatever is to come next to emerge out of the completed previous stage.

This meansI have to make a practice of staying with the stage I'm currently involved with until its finished, and not thinking much at all about whatever comes next. This allows each piece to develop its own direction, and not become too fixed or predetermined by me. I'm finding this an more enjoyable way of working, largely because it circumvents my tendency to become tense and over anxious about where a piece is going. This way, not knowing is actually the name of the game.

For my birthday I was given an airbrush, its a pretty basic point and spray, which is at present all I need. 'Broken Machinery' 'Irregular Transmission' and 'Passing Through Phases' are my first pieces using it.

Anyway, here are a few of the more recent pieces.


Broken Machinery
Irregular Transmission
Passing through Phases
Soundings Are Taken

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