Friday, January 02, 2015

DIARY 128 ~ Christmas in Abbey House Community No 1

As you may have guessed from my last blog post, Hubby and I rather enjoy Christmas. Yes, as Buddhists its not, theologically at least ,our festival. So much of todays Christmas traditions don't come within close sniffing distance of Christianity, and are connected either with folk traditions or at worst Americanised product placements. I think its perfectly possible to celebrate Christmas without Christianity. I enjoyed spending this Christmas at home in my community. Jnanasalin and I do largely steer the proceedings, making Christmas puddings/cake and nut roasts in advance, and doing the rest of the cooking on the day. Everything went more or less to plan: eating by 1pm, finished by the Queen's speech and then watching the 1951 black and white film of Scrooge, starring Alistair Simm. Though slightly creaky and overacted in places (the film not Christma Day ) it nonetheless was an enjoyable affair . Something about it's datedness and larger than life characters complemented the style of Dickens story. After a walk into town and back along the river, we settled down to a light Tea and the first Die Hard movie, which was a moderately diverting explosion fest.

Here are a few photos taken of the festivities.

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