Saturday, November 15, 2008

DIARY 81 - The Oxygen of Publicity

I'm beginning to wish. so called economic experts in the media would just shut up talking about how they see the economy going in the next year. These doom sayer's, the seers of the modern world will be as inaccurate as the seers of old. The stock market is ruled by a level of superstition and accuracy of prediction similar to that of Astrology i.e not at all scientific and very imprecise. Economic advisers are the new astrologers, the agents, as well as the oracles, of doom. If we never heard them again I doubt we would be any worse off. Economic prophesy creates the thing it predicts, summons the very beast it fears into existence - makes it more likely to manifest. So if we shut them up, any recession could be much shorter as a result. The more they talk about it the worse it will get. Don't give them the oxygen of publicity to their pernicious chatter. Gag them right now!

Watched a DVD Thursday night - The Fountain - quite possibly one of the most over inflated, preposterous movies I've seen in many a year - so confident was it of its profundity and meaning - but in reality it was clumsily conceived and stunningly predictable. David assures me that 'Requiem for a Dream' by the same director - Darren Aronofsky - is excellent. So someone has got carried away with there own success and self-importance since then, haven't they! - to produce an out and out turkey. It proves its really dangerous to inhale the oxygen of your own publicity. I've not been so eager for a movie to reach its end, since David and I endured the interminable time and vacuity of 'Russian Ark'. If you've seen that film, you'll know exactly what I mean.

Talking of over inflated egos, its become apparent that a number of English comic double acts have also soaked up too much of there own publicity. They keep doing the same stuff with ever diminishing humour or relevance. The two acts I have in mind are Little Britain and The Mighty Boosh. - each has had their moments of brilliance. For both it is the dreaded third series syndrome. First series, good, a little rough and unpolished, but still shows great promise. The second series, very good, ideas and characters well rounded and fully developed - a riot of fun. Third series, same characters, not developed much further, a feeling of lifeless routines permeats each episode - so they reach for the gross out, or coast along on old jokes, repeated and over extended until they become really tiresome. You can always have too much of a good thing. A forth series, is therefore highly inadvisable - Little Britain USA - what a load of old shite!!!

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