Monday, March 23, 2009

DREAM EIGHT - These Shoes Are Made For.....

I have been at some event, it might even have been a Puja, or something like that. Anyway, there has to be some reason why I've taken my shoes off. I can't remember what that was now. When it comes to putting them back on, before I leave, I don't realise I have odd shoes on each foot. The one on my left foot is black, and is mine, the other is brown, and is someone elses. The odd shoe might even be on the wrong foot. I don't notice this until later when I get home and its pointed out. I'm about to go to a family ocassion, perhaps a wedding. I can't go like this. So I need to find a black pair of shoes sharpish. Most of the dream is spent searching high and low for a shoe shop that sells a simple pair of traditional black brogues. I can't find one, and I'm getting more and more frustrated and desperate as the dream goes on.

I think this dream is significant on two counts; that I'm walking around not only wearing odd coloured shoes, but a shoe on the wrong foot that belongs to someone else; also, that I'm searching, and not finding, a new pair of shoes that not only will fit me, but more importantly match.

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