Saturday, August 28, 2010

POEM - Wise Words

Wise Words
dedicated to Prajna Paramita

What would wise words be?

Direct, but circumspect words
clear, like well cut diamonds
beautiful smooth and precise
with kind threads
sewn into every accent
and punctuation mark

Lovingly robust words
well fed and etched
with copperplate and curlicues
for additional ornament
and swirl

Words uttered
then placed on the ear
with consummate care
like an Ace on top
of a house of cards.

And how would they be heard?

In heart stopping awe
at the fulfillment
of an antique dream

Swollen with gratitude
as when a prolonged hunger
is finally satisfied

As an invitation
arriving unexpectedly
would strike you dumb

By Vidyavajra

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