Sunday, May 12, 2013

FILM REVIEW ~ What Richard Did

 What Richard Did, revolves around Richard, a sensible, but charming eighteen year old. A rugby player and a bit of a man's man, he's mature beyond his years A friend and rock to many of his friends who respect and love him. Then he meets Laura, his best friend Conor's girlfriend.  There is a growing attraction between the two and Richard gradually steals her heart from Conor.  Then at a party, drunk and letting his feelings of jealousy overwhelm him, he gets into a fights with Conor, giving him a good kicking. As Richard leaves he sees Conor staggering away, believing he's OK. The next day Richard finds out he's dead.

The script gently examines in detail his emotional and moral conflicts, whilst he mourns for his friend that he unwittingly killed, as the friends who know what he did, desert him. He lies to the police, but tells the truth to his Father. By the end of the film he strikes a lonely figure, alone with his guilt, with both his reputation and self-identity now in tatters.

The movie confidently takes its time to sketch out its central characters  The result is quietly compelling and unsettling, built around a terrific central performance from Jack Reynor. He's already won nominations and an award from the Irish Film & TV Award, so he is surely a name to look out for.

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